Skipass Giornalieri
DAILY 2017/18
by opening from 22/12/2017 and from 12/03/2018 until the closure
from 23/12/2017 to 07/01/2018
from 08/01/2018 to 02/02/2018
from 03/02/2018 to 11/03/2018
Adults having a fixed agreement        
Tuesday special        
Special Valentine's Day
Women's Day

Please notice that:

Baby: A free ski-pass (non-consecutive chosen 12-day card during the season excepted) is given to the child being less than 6 (so born after 26.11.2011) for the same duration of his / her paying parent’s purchased ski pass who compulsorily produces the document certifying his / her child’s date of birth to the cash desk.
Self certification is not valid since your data will be checked through the Agenzia delle Entrate. The free ski-pass has to be meant in the ratio of a child to one parent and personal data entry and photo insertion on the chip-card, whose price is of EUR 2,00, is compulsory. By his / her signature of acceptance of photo free ski passes given to children below 6 (and their age must be suitably proved by documents), the accepting signer declares that he / she is acquainted with civil responsibilities (according to the paragraphs number 2047 and 2048 of the civil code) connected with the observation of the minor, with the use of structures, and also with the behaviour regulations as provided in the law number 363/2003 and its following amendments and riders and with all the provisions in force about this matter as well. The Manager of structures refuses all responsibility for damages deriving from the improper use both of structures and of the consequences of an illicit behaviour held by users during their stay on our structures, runs and fixtures.

Children: are those ones born after 26.11.2001 (producing the document showing their age).
Seniores: those ones born before  26.11.1952 (producing the document showing their age).
Over 75: those ones born before 26.11.1942 (producing the document showing their age).
Adults having a fixed agreement: are members of "CRAL", clubs, University students, Members of Sci Club (producing the document showing their age).

Non-consecutive chosen 12-day card during the season:
- ADULT € 320.00
- CHILD € 270.00

Time ski pass:
- SKIPASS 1 hour ski pass (since the first ratification) € 15,oo; (Valid from opening to closing plants)
- SKIPASS 2 hour ski pass (since the first ratification) € 20,oo; (Valid from opening to closing plants)
- SKIPASS 3 hour ski pass (since the first ratification) € 25,oo; (Valid from opening to closing plants)
- SKIPASS 4 hour ski pass (since the first ratification) € 29,oo ( Valid from 23/12/2017 to12/03/2018)

Single trips:
There and back ticket (only Adults) Cableway Le Fosse € 10.00
There and back ticket (only Children) Cableway Le Fosse € 8.00
Only single or return ticket Cableway Le Fosse € 8.00

The Key Card is a personal document which can be recharged with the checkable value of the effective price list for as many times as you wish and it is valid only if it is put clearly on clothes. It cannot be exchanged, transferred or modified and it is neither replaceable nor refundable even in cases of bad weather, interruption of facilities, accident or departure in advance. The lost, collected, robbed or deliberately ruined ski pass will be neither replaced nor even less refunded. In case of theft or loss of the seasonal or of the 12 days during the season ski pass, the person must file an immediate complaint to Monte Magnola Impianti srl and to a competent body and the ski pass will be deactivated and blocked.

It is the company’s firm opinion to order the partial or global as well as the temporary or definitive close of all those structures whose functioning is not pledged until the end of the season or for any other reason. The skier skies at his/ her own risk and he/she must carry with him/her an identification document. Any abuse will imply the suspension or the cancellation of the ski pass which must be punched at every admission and shown on demand of security administrators or of inspectors who will have the identification allowed. The user of the ski pass must adapt himself/herself to behavioural provisions of the present regulations. The company reserves the right to prosecute trespassers according to law. Please protect the Key Card far from heat sources and magnetic fields and do not bend it. The reissue of the ruined or damaged Key Card implies a cost of EUR 2,00 for daily ski passes and time cards, and EUR 2,00 for seasonal and 12 days during season ski passes. The use of the Key Card suggests the complete knowledge of sale conditions. The undersigned declares that he/ she has read carefully and accepted the above-mentioned sale conditions both for himself/herself and for those people on behalf of whom he/she buys  ski passes. Buying and accepting free ski-passes for his/her children means that the accepting parent assumes all the responsibilities related to the use of  ski tows as well as of runs by the underage beneficiary who will use them under his/her parent’s direct observation who, from his/her side, declares that he/she is acquainted with the rules about transport and with the behaviour regulations in the skiable areas.

PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING (Leg. Decree n. 196/03).
According to the par. 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 196/03 (“Code in the subject of personal data security”), we inform you that the company Monte Magnola Impianti srl, owner of the processing, collects and processes your personal data with purposes solely connected with the conduct of the business relation or related to statistics or for sending information or suggestions concerning such an activity. Your data will be processed by telecommunications or manual procedures and will be never released for any other purpose or aim. Your data may be communicated to other subjects who are directly linked with the use of the transit document. In case of dispute or contention, the place of lawful jurisdiction will be that one of Avezzano.