Ovindoli | Storia
The origin of the name Ovindoli is still uncertain: some people make it come from the word obinolum, others from ovis, someone else from guindulum. The latter is mentioned in 1387 in the form of Ovindulo, dialect version of Guindulus, which on its turn is the Latin form of the Gothic word Windo, that is “Guindolo’s land”. Anyway if the origin of the toponym is uncertain, on the other hand everybody knows and shares the popular saying: dvinnr fatt a pnnel più l mir l più è bel. Translation: The more you admire Ovindoli made by the paintbrush, the more it seems beautiful to you. Modern winter sport resort, located at 1375 metres above sea level, 35 kilometres far from L’Aquila and 100 kilometres far from Rome and Pescara, Ovindoli is the pass of the plateau Sirente-Velino, separating the massifs of Velino from those ones of Sirente located within the regional park having the same name. The magic of snow-covered woods, the old village centre secured by a carbonatic spire, the tracks left by skis doodling a white and unreal world, the lightening of the sun behind the crests, the absolute silence of the mountain giving a more genuine and real dimension, the deep green of pines cut off by blobs of colour scanning the regular slow march of seasons, the immense and free space of the top storeys of buildings as well as the intoxicating and adrenalinic slopes of Mount Magnola are just a few moments of those emotions you can live spending a whole day in Ovindoli. The village is easily reached both from the Tyrrhenian and from the Adriatic side. Linked very well with A24 and A25 motorways both by the scenic road number 5.5 bis and an efficient bus service leaving from the most important cities such as Rome or Pescara, it is characterized by a touristic offer covering the whole year.
It is one of the best winter sport resorts of the Appennino, both for the quality and for the persistence of the snowfall. Endowed with a very modern structure of planned snowfall assuring an efficient functioning of the skiing resort, it is constantly renovated as for facilities and structures associated with the former. The professionalism and the competence of skiing teachers as well as the presence of suitable services allow skiers and not skiers to spend interesting and delightful days of sport and relax. Summer period underlines the peculiarities of this pleasant village of the Central Appennino. An unpolluted nature and an elevated quality of air, water and soil get Ovindoli to be the natural refuge for the tourists of the neighbouring towns: Rome, Naples, Perugia and Florence but also Bari and Lecce. Walking peacefully between its meadows and woods, biking or riding to move freely for example to get Val d’Arano, considered one of the most beautiful valley of the South and of Central Italy, sailflying (also with the new Kai speciality), practising archery or trekking choosing more or less demanding ways as well as feeling its natural spirit and rhythm leaving out all the frenzies of the present time form the hub of the summer offer of the village. A large cultural and music programme, its inhabitants’ kindness and heartiness as well as the rediscovery of the old tastes complete the large attractions of the place. But Ovindoli is to be lived also in spring and autumn, when you can appreciate the calmness and the genuiness of the place walking or riding, looking for wild fruits or precious types of mushrooms and truffles, admire the beauty and the variety of the flora and the fauna, the essence and the drive of the areas of the internal Abruzzi, as well as discover the ruins of the Roman and medieval civilizations, well preserved in the villages of San Potito and Santa Jona above all.